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6 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair


Signs of Needing Water Heater Repair

A deteriorating water heater doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have to take an ice cold shower. The water heater is constantly working round the clock, every day throughout the year.

Considering the increased amount of stress it has to endure, it’s no surprise that it is bound to break down at some point. Once nothing but cold water is coming out of your taps and your showers, it suddenly strikes you just how important this appliance is.

Water heater repair is important. Here are 6 signs you should look out for in a malfunctioning water heater.

1. Irregular Water Temperatures

Do you notice that sometimes your water comes out as hot as you need it yet other times it comes out lukewarm or even cold? Fluctuating water temperatures is a good indication that something is wrong with your heater.

Ask a professional to come and have a look at what the issue could be. Try also to remember when you first bought the water heater.

If it is relatively new, you can have it repaired but if it’s too old, you are better off replacing it with a new one. This saves you the time, money and stress of having to fix the appliance multiple times.

What causes the water heater to lose heat? The most common reason behind this issue is the accumulation of mineral deposits. Mineral deposits build up over time and cover your water heating elements keeping them from working as needed.

When only the water elements are faulty you can have them repaired or replaced instead of buying another whole new water heating system.

2. Discoloration of Water

It goes without saying that the only water that comes out of your tap should be colorless. It may seem hazy sometimes due to high pressure but should turn colorless once the pressure is even.

If you notice that the water coming out of your taps is brownish, rusty or has some little dark particles, your water heater is to blame.

Owing to sedimentation, water changes color and comes out brownish. If this is the case, you could be facing a serious health hazard in your home.

Ask a qualified water heater professional to come to clean the hot water tanks or leave the water running to see if the water color changes back to colorless.

If this doesn’t work, it could mean that your tank is rusty.

3. You Run Out of Hot Water Too Fast

The water heater is designed to keep your water hot and ready for use throughout. It has two heating elements one at the bottom and one at the top. At any one time, a water heater has gallons upon gallons of hot water inside.

Should you run out of hot water in times of need, then one of your water heating elements isn’t working.

4. Funny Noises Coming from the Tank

As the heating system ages, it starts with a mild buzz and slowly grows on to become rumbling sounds. Many distraught homeowners assume that their water heater is about to burst. But this isn’t the case at all.

It’s perfectly normal if your water heater makes a little noise. But if the noise becomes loud banging, popping or cracking sounds then you have a good reason to raise concern.

To know what the issue could be, contact the repair professionals and have them come check your water heater out.

In many cases, a water heater becomes noisy when there’s too much accumulation of mineral deposits inside the tanks and onto the heating elements. Other reasons could be that the water heater has a broken dip tube causing cold and hot water to mix.

Too much noise may also weaken the structures of your water heater causing it to become weak and to start leaking. This means that you’ll have to buy a new water heater.

But if yours hasn’t started leaking yet, you can have the repairman flush all the water and have them thoroughly clean the inside areas of your heater. This is the only way to stop the noises and have it working again.

5. Signs of Corrosion

Often, corrosion on your water heater means that you should get a new unit installed. You can tell that your water heater has corrosion or rust if it shows on the outside, or if your water is discolored and brown.

But what happens if the problem is only partial?

Some people make it work by having the heat exchanger and other rusty parts replaced. But this is only a temporary solution that gives you time to raise the money needed to purchase another heater.

Water heaters are designed to serve you for an average of 8 years to 12 years. If you want to get more out of it, it is crucial that you have it maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

6. Leaking Water

Apart from noise, there are other reasons that can weaken the structure of your water heater causing it to leak. This leads to water pooling around the bottom of the tank.

Besides this being quite dangerous especially if you have pets, small kids and other electrical appliances around the area. It could also cause corrosion to occur which could eat into the outer parts and make its way to the inside areas of your water heater.

If you notice that your heater has a leak, have it repaired before it causes more problems.

Need Water Heater Repair? Hire a Professional!

Having an amateur repairman fix your water heater is a risky way of either damaging it or raising more issues.

Dealing only with professional plumbers and repairmen is what guarantees you impeccable service and the longevity of your water heater.

Looking for credible plumber and water heater repair professionals? Contact us today. We are licensed to work on all types of water heaters and are experienced enough to know how to solve all your water heater malfunctions.

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  1. Michaela Hemsley

    I appreciate that you pointed out that should you run out of hot water in times of need, then one of your water heating elements isn’t working. My kids and I have noticed that we seem to run out of hot water really quickly lately so we all have to really spread out our shower times now. I think it would be smart to look into having our water heater repaired or at least looked at so that we can figure out what’s wrong with and can get it fixed so we can have hot water when we need it.

  2. Brayan Jack

    Water Heater repair and maintenance is the ultimate need of every home owner. These systems protect us from harsh weather and supply us hot water on consistent basis. A quality water heater of a good brand such as Carrier are the better option when it comes to gas or instant hot water facility. Regular maintenance and inspection on yearly basis is always required to keep it working efficient all seasons.

  3. Darrien Hansen

    Thanks for explaining that your water heater may be making loud sounds if the dip tube has been damaged. Whenever my wife takes a shower after work, I hear a loud banging noise coming from the laundry room, and it is starting to make my dog nervous. Now that I know that my water heater may be damaged, it might be best to call a repair service soon.

  4. Eli Mcmullen

    I didn’t know that a leaking water heater could lead to corrosion in the system. When my wife was taking a shower last night, I noticed that water began pooling in the room that we keep our water heater, and I need to get the leak fixed before I install new flooring in my home next week. It may be best to find a professional that can help me repair my system.

  5. Bryan Biscoe

    This is so true. I remember hearing noises from the water heater that came with the first house I purchased. I called up a water heater repairman in my city, and he told me that it was completely normal, so I didn’t think much of it even when the noise got louder. I just thought it was normal. Long story short, my heater ended up leaking and I needed to replace it. Kind of wish the plumber that I spoke with at the time offered to flush it. In hindsight, I’m thinking it might have added a few extra years to my tank. Lesson learned. Great article, thank you!

  6. Paul Stiles

    Super helpful post… Not all leaks are created equal!! Thought my tank was leaking and was freaked out I would have to fork out $$ for a whole new water heater… Turns out it was a piping leak around where my tank was. Ended up costing me a fraction of the price. Either way need to have leaks fixed nonetheless.

  7. Cyrus Juliet

    A water heater, unfortunately, is susceptible to a wide range of problems. If the water heater does not turn on, this is one of the easiest signs that there may be a problem. Because of this, it’s crucial to learn how to determine whether or not an appliance is operating.

  8. Olivia Miller

    Great insights on recognizing signs of a failing water heater! The details about fluctuating water temperatures, discolored water, and the importance of maintaining a consistent supply of hot water are particularly helpful. I appreciate the emphasis on seeking professional help to diagnose and address these issues effectively. The information on unusual noises and corrosion as warning signs adds depth to understanding potential problems. Indeed, a leaking water heater can pose serious risks, and your advice to address it promptly resonates well. Choosing experienced professionals for repairs is crucial, and your recommendation to contact licensed experts for water heater repair instills confidence. Thanks for sharing this informative post!


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